Thursday 13 December 2018

About Me

I studied Mathematics with specialisation in Pure Mathematics at the University of Santiago de Compostela, where I got my Master Degree in the Department of Algebra.

Currently I’m assigned to the Mathematical Analysis Researh Line at IMUS, where I’m pursuing since October of 2015 my PhD on History of Mathematics under José Ferreirós Domínguez supervision with Guillermo Curbera as tutor.  More specifically, my research is focused on transcendence and irrationality issues in 18th and 19th centuries with special attention to π, focusing on Lambert, Liouville, Cantor and Hilbert, studies that combine with my profession of Teacher of Secondary School.

The web’s main reason for living, is to serve as common place for all works that I’m developing. In this way, I hope to facilitate the labor of those who are led for their own researches to issues that may be included on mine, given rise to a possible interchange of knowledge hopefully useful for both.

You can find these works, just as more detailed information about my academic training in CV .

J. Liouville