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Currículum Vitae

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First and last name: Eduardo Dorrego López
Place of birth: Lugo
Date of birth: 27/07/1982
Current position: Teacher of Secundary School
Specialization: Mathematics


Degree: PhD on Mathematics (History of Mathematics). Doctorate with international mention and awarded with the cum laude.
Institution: IMUS (Mathematical Institute of University of Sevilla). Research line:  Mathematical Analysis
Year : 2015/2021
Title: Irrationality and transcendence in the 18th and 19th centuries. A contextualized study of J. H. Lambert’s Mémoire (1761/1768). 
Supervisor: José Manuel Ferreirós Domínguez
Tutor: Guillermo Curbera Costello

Degree: Master’s Degree on Mathematics (8,35/10)
Institution: USC (University of Santiago de Compostela), Department of Algebra
Year : 2009/2010
Title: Geometría de variedades algebraicas especiales. Sobre la superficie de Ferrara y su deformación (9/10)
Advisor : Manuel Ramón Pedreira Pérez

Degree: College’s Degree on Mathematics (Specialisation on Pure Mathematics) (8/10)
Institution: USC (University of Santiago de Compostela)
Year : 2000/2005

G. Cantor

“I imagine a set like an abyss”