Wednesday 27 September 2023



Broadly speaking, my field of expertize is the History of Mathematics, and more specifically 18th- and 19th-century mathematics. 
  • The development of irrational quantities: the establishment of the modern concept of transcendence; the first demonstrations of the irrationality of “especial irrationals”.
  • Johann Heinrich Lambert his life and mathematics work.



I am part of two groups of research that are primarily devoted to the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Grupo HUM-717 (University of Seville): you can find more information about this research group on its website (here).
  • Grupo IMUS de Historia de las Matemáticas (IMUS, University of Seville): website in process of construction.


I am part of the organization of an online seminar devoted to the History of Mathematics that is supported by the History of Mathematics Group of the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society, and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Seville (IMUS). The conferences will be recorded and uploaded to the IMUS Youtube channel.
  • Seminario de Historia de las Matemáticas GHM – RSMS: here you will find all conferences from the seminar we had been allowed to upload.